Lose Weight Safely with Green Coffee Extract

What research has been done on the wildly popular green coffee bean extract? Turns out, there have been quite a few studies that have shown great promise for those who are trying to lose weight just like there’s been for garcinia cambogia. Some more than others, but overall, once you look at them all together it’s pretty hard to ignore the results. AlivebyNature.org agrees, that’s a nice change from the many diet supplements on the market have little to no research. Just some celebrity said they lost weight in a week and bam, it’s suddenly a new “miracle” diet. No thanks. I’ll steer clear of any of that nonsense. What about you?

Losing Weight Safe and Naturally

If you ask your doctor what a safe amount of weight to lose per week is, they’ll likely tell you anywhere between one and three pounds. In order to do that though, you have to watch what you eat. That can be confusing in and of itself since the news on what foods offer what benefits change from day to day. One day, something is amazingly good for you. A week later, there’s a study showing that it may not be so great to eat it daily after all.

Not only that, but you also have to exercise. Even if you cut your calories, your sugar, your starches or whatever it is that you decide you need to cut, you still have to exercise to burn off calories and do more than just maintain your weight. And let’s face it. A lot of people today are so used to a more sedentary lifestyle that exercise scares them. Either that or they don’t think there’s any possible way they can fit enough of it into their schedule.

Green coffee bean extract is shown to alleviate everything above. Studies show that participants don’t even have to diet or exercise to lose weight. In 2012, Dr. Oz featured this supplement on his show (and garcinia cambogia extract) and it almost instantly drove it to instant popularity. Suddenly everyone seemed to want to know where they could their hands on it. During this show, he referenced a study led by Dr. Joe Vinson and brought Dr. Lindsey Duncan onto the show to talk about it.

The Dr. Oz Study

It wasn’t too long after that he announced he’d be doing his own study on it, with his own team of researchers and medical professionals. It was said this would be an unprecedented study like never before, being aired live on the show with the studio audience being the participants.

For two weeks, 100 women took either a placebo or green coffee extract. Their daily activities were not to change. They should eat the same. Exercise the same (if at all) as they normally do. The study showed that those taking the extract lost an average of two pounds and those taking the placebo only lost one. While this may not seem astounding, there are two key things to remember: 1.) This easily falls within the safe weight loss per week range. 2.) This was with no extra effort on their part – they didn’t have to diet or exercise. I don’t know about you, but I’d gladly accept any weight loss and drop in pants size that I didn’t have to work for. Imagine if you took this extract AND actually tried to live healthier?

Other Health Benefits of Green Coffee Extract

Studies show that if you’re over 40 then you’re not in as good health as a 40-year-old even ten years ago. Our diet and lifestyle today leads to being overweight and sicker. Some of the health problems that being overweight or obese can lead to include: hypertension, diabetes and heart failure. So you can see how losing weight is vitally important especially if your fat tends to snuggle around your midsection or your BMI is too high. Green coffee extract can help.

There’s also been a direct correlation in studies between the use of this extract and a decrease in heart rate. So while it wouldn’t be advised to drop your blood pressure medications and start taking the extract instead, it’s definitely something you should ask you doctor about.

Studies have also shown that many participants experience an improvement in mood and overall health.